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As your child’s baby teeth make way for their permanent counterparts, every step of this journey should be monitored by a pediatric dentist to ensure they meet essential milestones. At Mauriello Dental in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Dr. Vivian Mauriello and Dr. Joseph Mauriello specialize in pediatric dentistry, providing comprehensive care that sets your child up for a future of good dental health. To learn more about the benefits of pediatric dentistry, call or book an appointment online.

Pediatric Dentist Q & A

Why does my child need a pediatric dentist?

All too often, people assume that since a child’s first teeth are just “baby” teeth, soon to be replaced by permanent teeth, they don’t require much care. In fact, the opposite is true. These primary teeth perform invaluable functions, such as:

  • Teaching your child how to chew and eat properly
  • Developing speech patterns
  • Playing a role in developing facial expressions
  • Paving the way for permanent teeth, ensuring they erupt in the proper spot

Since these temporary teeth act as trainers, it’s equally important that the health and development of these teeth are monitored closely by a pediatric dentist, such as Dr. Joseph Mauriello or Dr. Vivian Mauriello.

What is the timeline for pediatric teeth?

Most children have 20 primary, or baby teeth, which start to come in between six and nine months old.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you make an appointment to see a pediatric dentist -- in this case, Dr. Vivian Mauriello or Dr. Joseph Mauriello -- by your child’s first birthday. The reason behind this is severalfold:

  • Baby teeth are softer than permanent teeth and are prone to decay
  • To ensure that these first teeth develop properly
  • To learn about the proper at-home dental care

A great collateral effect of visiting Mauriello Dental early and regularly is that you take the fear out of seeing the dentist.

How often should I bring my child to see the dentist?

You should bring your child to see Drs. Vivian and Joseph Mauriello every six months for regular checkups and cavity prevention. Your child relies on his or her baby teeth for many years, making it crucial that they receive proper care.

At the age of seven to nine, your child begins to lose these baby teeth as permanent teeth erupt. In fact, permanent teeth come in fast, and they’re more numerous than baby teeth. Most children have a full set of 28 teeth by their 13th birthday, with four more wisdom teeth to come between the ages of 16 and 20.

Regular checkups twice a year during this transition are paramount in ensuring the proper development of your child’s teeth. To get started, call Mauriello Dental or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.